88 Shades​ RV Park

​     Quartzsite, AZ​​

best price for the amenities in an adventurous retirees' paradise.


​​Quartzsite is an RV camper's mecca. A quarter of a million visitors converge each winter to hunt rare treasures in the multitude of tents and shops, make new friends at the many local events, or attend the music jams and karaoke to be entertained and perform.

88 Shades RV Park is the best value for the amenities and location in Quartzsite. We have a recreation hall with daily activities, shuffleboard, library, RV wash, oil change station, propane, and a dog walk and "off leash area". We also have top-notch lapidary ( stone cutting and polishing ) equipment available for guest use with weekly classes.

Location & Hours

575 West Main Street, Quartzsite, AZ, United States




Check-In's Welcome 24 hrs.

Our Sites

Our attractive, clean sites are in high demand during the balmy 'snowbird' season. Each of our spacious sites offer electricity, water, sewer, internet, and cable. Majestic palm trees add splendor and fruit trees ripe with juicy orange, tangello, and grapefruits welcome you with the sunrise each morning at 88 Shades RV Park.​